Aimee Hackett


Only an avid reader such as Aimee would crack open her college text books after graduation to re-read them. (Heck, most of us sold or donated ours before the ink on the diploma was dry!) We figure Aimee must really like the subject, which is landscape design. And she does! Good thing for her—and for Mom’s—that Aimee gets to work in the field she loves. In fact, her internships at ASU were focused on exactly the kind of upscale, innovative designs that are Mom’s specialty. But that’s not all! Aimee also loves to travel (not too close to oceans, please) and shoot wildlife (with a camera) and rescue cats. Yes, she confesses that she is a serial cat rescuer, although her hubby, Peter (her true love) has capped her collection at three. We’ll see …