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Alexis has been with Mom’s Design Build for a couple of summers now. She got her feet wet (figuratively, and more than a few times, literally) working with our Fine Gardening team. During the school year, Alexis has been growing her knowledge as a Landscape Architecture student at the U of M. So, this summer she is diving in as a Landscape Design Assistant while on her way toward earning a Master’s degree in the field. (That would be Alexis’ second Master’s by the way: Her first is in Architecture from NDSU.)

Despite all the studying, Alexis finds time for hobbies, which include but are not limited to reading, painting, watching movies and favorite TV shows, making elaborate costumes and watching storms. Yep, she loves a good thunderstorm! In fact, Alexis had even considered becoming a real storm chaser at one point. (She sometimes dreams of being part of a search-and-rescue team. Pretty intense, huh?) We might be a bit biased here, but we think it’s a good thing Alexis decided to get her adrenalin rush from helping clients to envision and enjoy their outdoor living spaces instead.