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Audrey kearns


When we first met with Audrey, we noticed her gentle spirit and her thoughtfulness. We like that. Then we discovered her enthusiasm for design and artfulness. We like that, too. But what really caught our attention was Audrey’s Business Art Degree. That’s right: business and art combined!  It’s the perfect balance of creativity and organizational skills. (Remember the old right-brain/left-brain theory?)

Not long after Audrey and her hubby, Steven got hitched, the newlyweds packed up their lives and their 7-year-old Pit bull baby, Luna Bella, and settled here in Minnesota. Steven’s work offered a number of relocation options, but because of their love of the outdoors--especially water and woodlands--and their active lifestyle, they chose our awesome State. They had visited grandparents in International Falls (summertime visits, no doubt!) and were drawn to the North Country. So come January, when Audrey won’t be hiking a trail in her Birkenstocks or paddling a kayak on one of our beautiful lakes, she will be frolicking in the snow or pursuing a favorite indoor activity such as sewing, painting, cooking or making candles. She is a woman of many talents! We like that, too!