Helen Bednar

Marketing Director

On her Web site (yep, her very own Web site) Helen describes herself as “a small-town girl with big ideas.” So just because she has a Rural Route address, don’t go thinking that Helen ever misses a beat when it comes to progressive, big-city ways. Even her mini dachshund, Ginger has her own Instagram account! (That Instagraming pooch has already inspired the Mom’s crew to get with the program and build our IG profiles, too.)

We recruited Helen, first for her expertise in Marketing matters—things such as brand development and social media strategy—but also for her love of design and art. From planning and managing, to envisioning meaningful graphics, to producing artwork and photography, Helen’s talents are just what Mom’s needed for telling our story.

As you might guess, drawing, painting and photography are also a big part of Helen’s non-work life. Always have been. For high school, she attended Perpich Center for Arts Education; then advanced through programs at three arts colleges! Outside of her art pursuits, Helen particularly enjoys camping with her hubby and two kiddos (plus Ginger). You know—to get away from the hustle and bustle of rural life.