Matt brose

landscape designer

After doing landscape design for two years in Fargo, North Dakota, this Bloomington-based boy, Matt Brose (that’s pronounced bro-zee) decided to return to his roots and all that he loves about home. This is where he and his energetic rescue dog, Timber, can hang out with his parents and two younger brothers -- and where he can connect with old friends and his hunting buddy, also known as Grandpa. (By the way, Timber is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, so he doesn’t exactly “hang out,” if you know what we mean. He’s on the move most of the time, not unlike his human, Matt.)

As you might guess, Matt’s favorite activities happen outside. As a kid, he raced motocross and has since “graduated” to a Harley. In fact, he’s kind of a gearhead and enjoys tinkering on his truck and attending car shows. If water’s available, he would rather be on a Jet Ski or following behind a speedboat on his wakeboard. So it’s natural that Matt enjoys the outdoor aspect of his job at Mom’s. And as far as the design side of things, he likes the varieties of projects and the challenge that each unique situation brings. He especially gets his kicks out of helping clients to see their landscape dreams come to life onscreen. In fact, watching their faces light up is almost as thrilling to Matt as hearing that Harley hum.