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Matt Tonak

Director of Marketing

Among the cool dads at Mom’s, Matt Tonak earns the title of Fun Dad. You know the type: He never tires of playing with Legos, and he’ll watch The Lego Movie with you anytime you ask. Matt, in fact, will probably ask you to watch it with him. If you want to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, Matt’s your guy. (It takes him less than two minutes!) And he can actually keep up with any kid’s technology skills, ranking him as the top techy at Mom’s Design Build. Yep, Matt was just the person we needed to help build our business and to manage all of our digital/technology stuff. Matt (a former Nerdery nerd) is a software genius-turned-marketing master: the perfect combo to be our social media strategist and web designer extraordinaire! It’s no surprise then that Matt is married to a smart, designing woman (named Samantha) who runs a cool Etsy woodworking shop! And the lucky boy who calls him Dad? That’s 4-year-old Lincoln.