Ryan Dowdle


Ryan is an interesting guy with varied hobbies and experiences, but the most unusual thing we’ve learned about him is that he likes to live in cold climates. We are talking Arctic-level cold! Even after the wicked winter of 2019, Ryan would choose a home closer to the North Pole. Canada or Siberia, for example! Well, he isa curler, after all. (That’s the game with stones and brooms and ice—not the hair styling device.) But more about Ryan’s design experience, ey?

In a previous career, Ryan worked on movie sets and had a range of assignments including set design, film editing, costume making and prop explosions. (Those were intentional, we believe.) On occasion, he even did some stunt acting. Needless to say, in his real life, Ryan is quite the film buff and a self-proclaimed history nerd. To relax, he cranks up the AC to high and kicks back with his dachshunds, Piper and Woody to watch a movie or binge watch “The Wire.”  FYI, Ryan’s favorite plant is by far, the birch tree. You might see one or two in his landscape designs. Just so you know.