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Tom Kerby

Landscape Architect

Tom Kerby is a Minnesota twin. Not the baseball kind of Twin. But he did earn his degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota—and he has a twin brother. Actually, Tom’s athleticism is most evident in his bicycling skills: He puts a lot of miles on a bike, achieving at least one long-distance trip (like 300 miles in a ride!) each year. (When Tom was a young buck, he rode in a different kind of saddle. On horses. In rodeos. Yikes!) Now days, if he’s not on two wheels, he is out hiking with his three setters, Molly, Emma and Penny. With all of his leftover energy, Tom has renovated seven 1920s homes and is trying his hand at mastering the cello. And this landscape professional (who sometimes dreams of being a farmer) tends his own gardens, as well. At work, his favorite thing is going to bat for his clients’ field of dreams.