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owen sweeney

social media manager

Of all the terrific and talented people in the Mom’s family, there is only one who can say he works at Mom’s and at Dad’s; that’s Owen Sweeney, son of our fearless leader, Jim Sweeney. Owen takes care of our Social Media department. Well, he sort of is our Social Media department because he is a friendly, outgoing guy who loves connecting with people. Of course, it helps that he gets that whole Insta/Tweeting/Pinning/ Posting/Facebooking thing. And he’s really good at it!

Because Owen also loves to help people, we can count on him to jump in when extra hands are needed on any of our crews, whether it’s Fine Gardening, Carpentry or Landscape. It’s not just Owen’s ever-present smile and optimism that make him popular among the Mom’s Design Build staff; the guy knows his way around a hammer and a garden hoe.  And his smile only broadens at the opportunity to be outside enjoying nature, so it’s a win-win! 

Although Owen also appreciates things like art galleries and musical performance (Karaoke, anyone?), if you hand Owen a fishing pole and a tuna sandwich (or almost any other food), he is one happy camper. Make that happier camper!