Creative Process

Finding the right landscape designer for your home is an important decision, as is selecting the company that will install it. We believe that by being both your design and build company, Mom's will ultimately make your life a little bit easier and your lifestyle a lot more satisfying.

To help you see the advantage of a seamless vision from beginning to end, let us introduce you to our unique process. It is the attention to detail in every step that makes our projects successful! We hope you will appreciate our hard work!

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Initial Consultation and Design Interview

The first meeting is for us to get to know you and to be introduced to your space. To inspire you, we will proudly show off some of our past achievements. To inspire a plan for you, our designer will listen to your landscape dreams and lifestyle needs. For this introductory assessment, we charge only $75, which includes a cost estimate for the next phase: developing a comprehensive design.

After receiving the design fee (typically $1,000 to $5,000), we are able to move forward and develop a physical plan for the landscape that you and the designer have envisioned. At this point, the designer will ask for any surveys or architectural plans you may have. (If the project requires a survey, and one is not available, the homeowner would need to cover that expense as well.)

To tailor a space around your unique preferences, your designer will spend time becoming acquainted with you, your tastes and your goals for your lifestyle.

You will be encouraged to explore magazines and websites such as Pinterest and Houzz to build a collection of images that strike your fancy. This helps you (and us) hone in on your style preferences. In the end, we want you to say "Mom's gets me!"


Design Development and Concept Presentation

After gathering the necessary information, the designer heads back to the drawing board where the magic making begins. The designer melds your insights with her or his own creative inspirations drawn from architecture, art, science and the world around us. This culminates into a design - not just any design, mind you - but one that is a meaningful reflection of your unique style and accomplishes your goals for how you will experience your outdoor home.

The concept presentation is the exciting moment when the designers share their vision for your space: a presentation that includes a hand-crafted scale drawing (a sheer work of art in itself), 3-D renderings (where applicable), picture pages, perhaps some samples of proposed materials and an estimate of the project cost. These tools facilitate moving onto the next step...turning your dream to reality! The designer works with you to determine the actual scope of the project and to refine some of the details. If needed, we can also recommend an efficient approach to phasing the construction.


Architectural Detailing

In addition to plantings and hardscape elements, Mom's projects often include custom-designed structures. They are placed and personalized not only to be functional, but to also enhance the overall setting and to beautifully tell the story of your space and how you live. To ensure the story endures, a structural engineer is brought in to develop the details of design and construction. We think you'll agree that the extra cost is worth it.




Get ready for the really fun part! Even if you typically don't find pleasure in choosing things like fabrics, lighting, stone and other decorative elements, your designer is there to guide you and help make it an enjoyable process. It's this personal attention that results in a project with artistry, energy and soul. You're going to love it! Seriously.



Breaking Ground

Welcome to the wonderful (and somewhat messy) world of construction. This is the phase we like to call, "Muscle, brawn, grit and finesse." It's where our proficient teams skillfully merge old work craftsmanship with new world technology as they dive right in to shape your distinctive space. (Here's a little secret: As tough and focused as these guys may seem, truth is, they're sensitive craftsmen who understand that your daily life goes on amidst their fast-paced activity.)


Your Dreams Realized

Alas! It's time to pop open some bubbly and celebrate the achievement of your new lifestyle investment: your completed outdoor living spaces! Your designer (by now your new best friend) will take you on an in-depth tour throughout the finished spaces to highlight the design features, discuss proper maintenance and answer your questions. Hugs all around!



Happily Ever After

Your relationship with Mom's doesn't have to end there. We want your newly created outdoor space - and your delight in it - to last for a long, long, LONG time! With that in mind, we have created a Garden Management Division to help you care for your new landscape. We offer a flexible two-tiered service plan to tailor our maintenance offerings to your property.