Of all the roles here at Mom’s, one that requires an extra amount of multitasking is the job of Office Manager (OM). And we must admit that few of us ever think, “Oh how I love to multitask!”. But Cherilyn Tangen thrives on multitasking. In fact, she ranks it right up there with her love of M&Ms. (And we’re talking serious passion for the M&Ms.) Naturally, Cherilyn’s two awesome adult offspring—who are her world—are her most favorite of all.

Another note-worthy fact about Cherilyn is her Business Management degree from Carlson School of Business. Added to a great eduction are her hands-on experiences as OM in a variety of settings, including a fitness center, a church and a construction company. Mom’s is thrilled that Cherilyn is here, and Cherilyn is excited to contribute to the success of a business that helps people reach their dreams of a beautiful home and landscape.

Cherilyn describe herself as an extrovert who enjoys interacting with customers and colleagues, and she is always geared to providing top-notch customer service. So, if you meet her on the phone or at the office and have a chance to chat, ask about her latest round of disc golf or how the softball going (she plays on three different teams) or get tips on the best hiking spots. While you’re here, you may or may not be offered a few M&Ms.

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