Of all the terrific and talented people in the Mom’s family, there is only one who can say he works at Mom’s and at Dad’s; that’s Owen Sweeney, son of our fearless leader, Jim Sweeney. As a long-time member of the Mom’s Design Build family, Owen has earned his stripes doing heavy lifting, lots of digging and hammer swinging—and learning much in all three divisions along the way. Of the three (Landscape Architecture, Remodeling & Construction and Fine Gardening) it is the landscape design that Owen is drawn to most, and which inspired him to earn an AAS degree in Landscape Architecture. (And as keeper of 11 bonsai plants, he has, in a small way, been long exercising his talents in horticulture and design.)

Owen does like to see things take shape, and he has a passion to create beauty and to improve functionality; he is certain that there is always a solution. His inner artist and a “genetic tendency” to love landscape, along with his vast range of hands-on experience gave Owen an itch—and the skill—to improve his own nest. So during the pandemic, this people-loving guy gutted and remodeled his house in anticipation of hosting post-Covid gatherings with his large Irish family. No problem! He’s also been crew lead and knows how to manage big projects. Only, this time he was also the crew.

Known for his ever-present smile, Owen loves to solve problems and to help people; and he’s really good at both. He credits the influence of his grandmother, matriarch of that Irish family, for his optimism. And his smile only broadens at the opportunity to be an outdoor artist with nature and working as a Landscape Designer at Mom’s. He feels like one lucky guy!

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