Astilbe Bitten by Snakeroot

While the foliage of snakeroots can be stunning, many gardens do not have enough space for them to extend their sprawling flower stems. Now that rich burgundy-cocoa sheen is available in a tidy package, “Chocolate Shogun” Astilbe. Diminutive even by astilbe standards, its foliage reaches a mere 15″ above which it sends creamy pink plumes of bloom. Grows in all of the standard astilbe locations.

Growing Cocktails

Tomatoes, cucumbers, rosemary, and basil are staples to a great vegetable and herb garden, providing fresh produce straight to your table. Whether you enjoy canning or cooking with your bounty, gardeners across the land cannot deny the benefits to growing your own food. Now, gardening isn’t a walk in the park. They need a lot of care and attention and I for one am a firm believer in rewarding oneself for hard work. My rewards usually tend to lean towards the adult beverage variety and being a gardener myself I feel like there is no reason why you cannot “spice” up (pun intended) your repertoire by using herbs and vegetables of your own with your favorite cocktails. There are limitless concoctions out there, my personal favorite being The Infused Bloody Mary. To infuse your own vodka for Bloody Marys you simply take fresh garlic, cilantro and jalapenos from your garden, add in your favorite vodka and seal it in a glass container to steep for a few days. Adding this infused vodka to any Bloody Mary mix or V8 or your very own freshly squeezed tomato juice will truly make your experience one of a kind.

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