From Campfires to Backyards: The Evolution of S’mores as an American Tradition

S’mores have become an integral part of American culture, evoking memories of summer nights, campfires, and family gatherings. As outdoor living specialists, we understand the importance of creating spaces that foster these cherished traditions. In this blog, we will explore the history of s’mores, their significance in American culture, and how Mom’s Design Build can …

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The History Behind the Yard Sculptures You Didn’t Know You Needed

When Minnesota’s nationally renowned sculptor, Paul Granlund, carefully crafted bronze yard sculptures seen around the world, it’s unclear if he knew they would land in the hands of Golden Gopher Football’s infamous “Cannon Man.” But alas, they did–and these sculptures have seen more than any of us can imagine. Learn more about the story behind how the unique, eye-catching and large yard sculptures went from the studio of Paul Granlund to the estate of the infamous Rodney Wallace. The best part? They’re up for sale.

Hosting Labor Day Weekend

September is right around the corner and for many that means it’s time to get back into the swing of things–work is getting crazy again and school is back in session, which means shopping for supplies, coordinating schedules and getting everyone ready for a smooth transition. I bet the last thing you’re thinking about is Labor Day Weekend festivities, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating the last summer hoorah! Here are some quick tips for planning the perfect Labor Day gathering:

Summer Food and Drink Pairings: 5 In Season Food and Drink Duos

Use these food and drink combinations to plan a perfectly paired summer barbeque

Summertime in the Midwest is an exciting, albeit fast, time of the year. As the long, sunny days, high temperatures, and humidity roll in (and out) so do many seasonal foods. And what better way to enjoy these brief summer months than with fresh, seasonal produce and by grilling in the yard with friends and family?

Designing Around Light: 5 Truths to Make Your Home Happy

Good lighting in a home is sacred. Certain lights affect our mood and impact a space more than a paint color or piece of furniture. Lighting is impactful and there are so many inspirational ways it can be blended into home design. (Quick Writer’s Note: I am a big, big fan of good lighting in a home. I learned this from my mother, who deeply believes lighting can heal people. It’s a thing!) Whether or not it’s a S.A.D. lamp, a lotus pendant chandelier, a pink light bulb or sparkling string lights…whatever gives you joy is part of the solution here. Your home should be a place you want to spend time and lighting is a grandiose part of that.

Simplifying Your Life: 5 Steps for Organizing Your Home

Life truths are plentiful in life and one of them is, certainly, that a nice organized closet is a visual form of therapy. (Writer’s Note: What? You’re not perusing the #organizedhome hashtag on Instagram like I am?). Anyway, we’re assuming that’s why we find ourselves decluttering our homes in the springtime. The birds are out, the world smells fresh and the weather is warm. We feel good and organizing suddenly sounds right. However, why are we waiting for the spring to organize our space? We should be doing this in the middle of winter. It will free our mind, make us feel like the best version of ourselves and when anyone opens the linen closet during a happy hour Zoom call, 800 random items aren’t going to tumble out in front of your friends. Win, win!

Project Spotlight: Emerald & Copper Craftsman

When our clients bought their home in the 90’s they immediately updated the kitchen, but the design did not withstand the passage of time. Complete with white oak cabinets, a failing in-floor heating system, a non-functional island, dated appliances and a too small sink, they knew they needed an upgrade!

Functionality was a huge factor in renovating their kitchen; they simply did not have great counter space, the cook top on the small island was not ideal and the flow of the kitchen was impractical. Another concern for our clients was accessibility. Although there seemed to be plenty of storage, it was hard to access items in the upper pantry shelves, countertop appliances were stored down low making it difficult to access, also the microwave was far from the main cooking space.

Senior designer Becca Bastyr’s vision for the space was to provide better functionality and accessibility while also giving it a more updated aesthetic. By blending craftsman finishes, two toned cabinetry, smart storage solutions and all new appliances, our clients were over the moon excited for their new and improved space!

Project Spotlight: Beachside Haven

Our clients were in the process of getting their forever home built and wanted us to provide a stunning outdoor space for them to relax and enjoy the lake views that also complemented the new construction home. The lot had substantial grade change throughout, so senior designer Heather Sweeney had to design a space with a sensitivity to that, but also create a functional and useful space that the clients could maximize their outdoor living and entertaining area.

The designer not only provided a impressive outdoor area for the family to enjoy, she also worked around many tricky facets of the project including difficult grading, low hardcover allowance, working in conjunction with the home builder, tricky access to the property and strict setbacks.

In the end the clients are thrilled with the completed project! The space includes a cozy porch flanked with a fireplace wall and outdoor kitchen area, tiered landscaping with stunning retaining walls, a private beach area and gorgeous perennials that provide color throughout the year. They love it so much that we have already started the next phases of the project: the front and side yards!

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