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Simple as it may seem, the Mom’s name refers to a philosophy—a belief we hold that people matter.

Founder Jim Sweeney grew up in a home with eight siblings. You can imagine that the amount of energy in the house–laughter, bickering, hustle of meals and activities. As the story goes, Jim recalls the one thing rising above the chaos was his mom’s unwavering care and strength. In her presence, he remembers always a listening ear, a devoted problem solver, and a champion for his spirit. 

In 1993, Jim founded Mom’s Landscaping with those qualities in mind. He set out to build a company that would be a champion for the human spirit. A company who would embody a relentless desire to serve others.

By building and maintaining relationships, Mom’s Landscaping grew from a couple guys with a lawn mower into the most award-winning design/build firm in the Twin Cities. Jim Sweeney and his business partner Craig Weckman have over three decades of experience in design and construction. Their vast knowledge in the industry and progressive vision have a proven track record. Jim and Craig credit their success to the talented, professional, and service-focused team at Mom’s whose skill and artistry are lived out every day.


Meet Our Award-Winning Team

Jim Sweeney


Karie Zemlicka

Director of Remodeling, Interior Designer

Craig Weckman

Chief Operating Officer

Helen Bednar

Marketing director

Becca Bastyr

Senior Designer

Matt Brose

Landscape Designer

Heather Sweeney

Senior Designer

Drew Holmgren

landscape designer

Audrey Kearns


Owen Sweeney
Social Media manager

Kelley Woodhead


chris moller

Project Manager

Jenni Drury

Office Manager

Brant Taylor

Operations Manager & Working Foreman




Taste Tester

Luke Walford

Property Manager

jeff Grubb

Operations Manager

Mission Statement

"To serve people through the fusion of anthropology, horticulture, and architecture, in order to discover, create, and enhance distinctive places."

Core Values

  1. People Matter

  2. Show Up and Give a $#!t

  3. Respect

  4. Be Grateful and Positive

  5. Prepare and Adapt

  6. Make a Better Tomorrow