Design Product We Can’t Get Enough of: Cambria Natural Stone

When we consider beauty in any form, it’s always a huge plus when it comes to design. However, the true benefit of Cambria® natural stone surfaces is that beauty is also paired with high quality – something we can stand by (and enjoy cheese on).

Cambria combines true American craftsmanship with innovation and the finest materials. And, it’s exquisite to look at in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Each striking, sought-after design Cambria provides is truly breathtaking and can take over a room. A lot of their designs have a bold, organic flowing movement, creating the illusion of the natural earth, right under your fingertips.

It’s Alive! – Planting a Living Privacy Fence

The fence is the simplest way to divide boundaries and to create privacy in your yard. The difficulty with fences, however, is that many municipalities only allow for the construction of fences that are 6 feet in height. This limits to the amount of privacy that can be achieved with just a fence. If you would like to have anything taller, there are a few simple ways in which privacy can be achieved. The best such way being, with plants!

What are Living Walls?

From a reclaimed pallet filled with herbs to a 15-story building covered in over 10,000 plants, living walls are becoming more and more popular—and for good reason. Whether indoors or out, they offer much more than just beauty. Living walls improve air quality and increase overall well-being, but can also absorb sound and help insulate your home.

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