Bring the Indoors Out with This Product We Love: StruXure Outdoor

When it comes to home design, we’re all about creating unique, state-of-the-art spaces for your home. That’s where one of our favorite products comes in: StruXure Outdoor. They create gorgeous and functional adjustable pergola structures. If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know pergola structures are all the rage in 2020, along with many other trendy outdoor upgrades. And the luxury systems of StruXure Outdoor are quality and can be created to your own personal design dreams. So, are you ready to think about your newest outdoor upgrade? Here’s all StruXure Outdoor has to offer.

Design Product We Can’t Get Enough of: Cambria Natural Stone

When we consider beauty in any form, it’s always a huge plus when it comes to design. However, the true benefit of Cambria® natural stone surfaces is that beauty is also paired with high quality – something we can stand by (and enjoy cheese on).

Cambria combines true American craftsmanship with innovation and the finest materials. And, it’s exquisite to look at in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Each striking, sought-after design Cambria provides is truly breathtaking and can take over a room. A lot of their designs have a bold, organic flowing movement, creating the illusion of the natural earth, right under your fingertips.

Project Spotlight: A Coastal Chic Transformation

The couple had built the home on Lake Minnetonka, MN in 2003. They loved the premier waterfront setting but craved relief from the heat and glare of the intense afternoon sun along their west-facing yard. They needed an attractive solution that would draw people outdoors and extend the season without compromising the lake view. The designer worked within stringent shoreline management restrictions to create a convenient and comfortable outdoor living environment under motorized pergolas.

Holiday Decor Galore: Make it Classic and Festive

The countdown to the holidays begins! And part of that countdown includes a very, very joyous design plan. It’s always nostalgic to pull out the holiday decor, dust of the tinsel, and get festive. Whether you like to keep the yuletide more neutral, traditional, rustic, or personal – we have all of the design tips to decorate your stylish and traditional home. And we know holiday decor can get overwhelming. There’s so much of it, it’s hard to nail down a theme and stick with one thing. That’s why we put together these unique tips to help you decide what festive fah-lah-lah-lah-lah moment works best for your home.

6 Fireplaces That Will Warm the Heart and Hearth

It’s the simple things during those winter months that make us feel cozy (and goes well with the snow). Marshmallows in hot chocolate, wool stockings, and lots of naps and soup. We know what goes well with all of these: a crackling fireplace. Fireplaces are also beneficial for the environment! You can conserve energy and live a greener lifestyle with the addition of a fireplace in your home. Whether you want a real, potent wood fire or something a little more modern – fireplaces are a living piece of fine art. And a central heart to the home. Here are six fireplaces that will stir the design coals of your heartstrings. Mmhmm, we’re warmer already.

13 Ways to Embrace Autumn with Fall Planters

Ahhh, autumn; we can feel it in our bones. The air has lightened up. You’re craving crisp, cold apple cider again. The days briskly shorten themselves. The sound of football in the background sweetens Sunday evenings. Best of all? The mums are back! Flower stores are brightened with bold yellows and oranges. The plants are changing, becoming yellow. White, tiny pumpkins pop up everywhere. It’s time to change those planters out for fall. So, we thought it would be fun to find some fall planter inspiration and give you tips on how to DIY your planters to make the perfect fall statement. Let’s dig in!

5 Dreamy Hot Tubs You Won’t Want to Miss

In my humble opinion, hot tubs are great all year round! During the summertime they’re ideal for relaxing, even in the heat; throughout the winter they are the ideal way to stay steamy and warm. It’s hard to come up with a valid reason not to have one! There really is something about crawling in warm jacuzzi on a brisk fall night. Whether you want to admire an updated landscape at a new home, have a cocktail, or relax after a long run, hot tubs are the ideal space to take a moment for yourself. Now that we’re closing in on autumn as September rolls around, we thought it would be dreamy to roundup a list of our favorites. These are the hot tubs that blend beautifully into jaw-dropping landscapes (and how you can replicate at your own home).

The Hot Springs Oasis

This exquisite hot tub refuge is built right into the patio, making it appear as if it’s a part of the earth itself. The natural stones and breezy path winding down to its base makes it appear as if it’s in a hidden forest, adding to the haven vibes even more. The bonfire nearby makes for a perfect spot to tell stories and curl up in a warm towel to dry off. It’s truly reminiscent of a dreamy getaway.

How You Can Quickly Replicate: Consider lots of planters and additional landscaping near your hot tub space. Investing in a fire pit nearby adds on to the element that you can stick around and stay awhile.

Making it Work: Smart Design Solutions That Maximize an Edina Home’s Hardcover

A vast improvement in form and function was simply a matter of envisioning beyond the obvious and working the numbers.

Isn’t the home of your dreams supposed to be perfect in every way? You’ve invested a lot of thought and research, chosen the best builder you can afford and poured over every detail from foundation to finish only to find that even a custom build with a healthy budget can miss the mark. It happens. Decisions have to be made, not always by choice but because of scheduling, supply chains, code restrictions and more.

7 Ideas to Incorporate Family Play in Your Own Backyard

Ahhh, the sweet smell of competition and a little bug spray. Nothing says summer quite like the shuffled enjoyment of putting together backyard sports games with neighbors and friends. While there is a little summer left and a lot of fall, we’d love to see how you can best use your beautiful yard to get out and play! Psst…fall also means less mosquitos so let’s get out the bocce ball and get competitive! Your kids didn’t name you “Mr. King of Funtown” for nothing.

Now, let’s get dreamy. Home design doesn’t only need to be connected to the inside of the house. You were a kid once – and adulting might mean creating the space for your kids (and you!) that inspires you to get outside and play.

Here are some ideas we had that surely will bring a smile to your face.

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