When it comes to home design, we’re all about creating unique, state-of-the-art spaces for your home! That’s where one of our favorite products comes in: StruXure Outdoor. They create gorgeous and functional adjustable pergola structures. If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know pergola structures are all the rage in 2020, along with many other trendy outdoor upgrades. And the luxury systems of StruXure Outdoor are quality and can be created to your own personal design dreams. So, are you ready to think about your newest outdoor upgrade? Here’s all that StruXure Outdoor has to offer.
If you’re been dreaming about upgrading the outdoor experience of your home, a pergola is often a plausible upgrade compared to going all out with an in-ground pool, per say. A shaded structure where you can entertain, cook and decorate during the holidays is a great alternative option that will still act as a beneficial investment. Outdoor structures, like StruXure louvered roofs, are said to be one of the most attractive elements of a home for new buyers and they are redefining how we spend time outdoors, “indoors”. So, if you’re looking to put your home on the market or just looking to extend you interior living area to the outdoors, confiding in StruXure Outdoor is a great first step.
If you’re looking to enhance your well-loved home, StruXure Outdoor products stand the test of time, creating a beautiful pergola space year-round (yes, even if you live in Minnesota). Quality is one of StruXure Outdoor’s most important elements of their business. They believe in maintenance-free installations and sustainable products. Even better, these luxury systems will increase the value of your home.
They are designed, fabricated and assembled by American craftsmen and are built to withhold the power of a Florida hurricane or the weight of heavy, Minnesota snow. Since 2011, the company has expanded its technology and design innovation by focusing wholeheartedly on architectural innovation and leading-edge building materials.
So, if you’re considering enhancing your outdoor living space, consider one of our favorite products: StruXure Outdoor. If you’re on the fence, consider these perks of adding a luxury, pergola structure to your home:
  • Maximizing your outdoor space that is protected by the weather and elements

  • The structure creates visual appeal (adding flowering and vines to a pergola adds personality and depth)

  • Extends your living space

  • They are an entertainer’s dream and can offer energy and tranquility to your home

If you need more ideas to help enhance your outdoor home design lifestyle, click below to schedule an appointment and let our award-winning designers transform your home into what you’ve always imagined.




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