Rooftop Party: A Luxury Minneapolis Moment

Who says we can’t have a little west coast Hollywood glam in Minnesota? (Writer’s Note: Please don’t answer that if you’re going to say ‘me!’) When we think of luxury, we instantly remember this rooftop moment in Minneapolis. Let’s take a moment of our day to revel in what Minnesota has to offer regarding rooftop luxury views.

Project Spotlight: Lakeside Living

These clients wanted to connect their new kitchen bump out to the outdoors via a sheltered area that would block bugs and rain but not the view of the lake below. Senior Designer Heather Sweeney exceeded those goals with a design that actually makes the lake appear closer and seamlessly integrates the indoors and out. It even expanded cool weather use with strategically placed heaters and a large fire table. The project features an operable pergola with motorized screen walls and architectural columns over a bluestone patio.

Design Spotlight: Coastal Cottage Charm

Before the designer could create this charming country cottage landscape in the heart of posh Wayzata, she had to win the trust of a client who had been disappointed by three previous contractors. Her own bold plan called for removing a row of failing cedars and creating an enchanting garden in the now sunny front yard. The plan would bring sense to the home’s complex elevation that had resulted from joining the main house and carriage house.

The goal was to make it easier to find the front entrance and to reclaim the space for a private garden that would feature improved paving, classic architectural elements, dog security and more manageable maintenance. By the time construction was underway the client was so confident she would simply refer questions to the designer.

Creating a Tranquil Environment that Renews, Inspires and Enriches Lives

The 146-acre renewal center is dedicated to restoring balance in visitors’ lives by showing gratitude and learning from nature itself. The landscaping and outdoor structures had to be designed and built with sensitivity to this higher calling while satisfying the practical demands of a public meeting place. This design company’s relationship with the Center has grown organically over a series of projects that produced a serene natural environment that feels as good as it looks and functions better than ever before.

It’s Alive! – Planting a Living Privacy Fence

The fence is the simplest way to divide boundaries and to create privacy in your yard. The difficulty with fences, however, is that many municipalities only allow for the construction of fences that are 6 feet in height. This limits to the amount of privacy that can be achieved with just a fence. If you would like to have anything taller, there are a few simple ways in which privacy can be achieved. The best such way being, with plants!

Astilbe Bitten by Snakeroot

While the foliage of snakeroots can be stunning, many gardens do not have enough space for them to extend their sprawling flower stems. Now that rich burgundy-cocoa sheen is available in a tidy package, “Chocolate Shogun” Astilbe. Diminutive even by astilbe standards, its foliage reaches a mere 15″ above which it sends creamy pink plumes of bloom. Grows in all of the standard astilbe locations.

Growing Cocktails

Tomatoes, cucumbers, rosemary, and basil are staples to a great vegetable and herb garden, providing fresh produce straight to your table. Whether you enjoy canning or cooking with your bounty, gardeners across the land cannot deny the benefits to growing your own food. Now, gardening isn’t a walk in the park. They need a lot of care and attention and I for one am a firm believer in rewarding oneself for hard work. My rewards usually tend to lean towards the adult beverage variety and being a gardener myself I feel like there is no reason why you cannot “spice” up (pun intended) your repertoire by using herbs and vegetables of your own with your favorite cocktails. There are limitless concoctions out there, my personal favorite being The Infused Bloody Mary. To infuse your own vodka for Bloody Marys you simply take fresh garlic, cilantro and jalapenos from your garden, add in your favorite vodka and seal it in a glass container to steep for a few days. Adding this infused vodka to any Bloody Mary mix or V8 or your very own freshly squeezed tomato juice will truly make your experience one of a kind.

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