What will be gracing the curb appeal of landscape trends for the year 2020? Last year, it was all about metals, pergolas and pinks. We’re sure homeowners will find delight in maintaining simple upkeep of backyards, but we’re excited to share the trends that will be topping off the effortless upkeep and simple beauty. Time to dig in!

1. Low Maintenance Lawns

Think private oasis meets crisp putting green. Low maintenance lawns will be all the rage next year. Family gatherings should be the perfect pairing with lawns that meet gorgeous poolscapes and tranquil patios. Home designers will be playing with low maintenance turf and options that won’t create a landscape fuss for the homeowner – and that creates a crisp, simplistic aesthetic for all. Other alternatives may include plant ground cover, mulch or beautiful cobblestone patios.

2. Indoor Living, In the Outdoor Elements

A cool trend in 2020 will be all about combining the elements and bringing indoor living to the outdoors and outdoor living indoors. Succulent walls indoors will pull in a greenery element, for example. Sofas, comfortable chairs and throw cushions, in turn, will live outdoors on patios – making lounging outside a comfort fest. Bold and rustic elements will be pulled into the indoors, adding a little natural element.
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3. Smart Technology

Smart technology is enhancing home design everywhere, but one we really love and appreciate are phantom screens. These retractable screen doors can be used for windows, outdoor spaces (patios, porches, and lanais), multi-panel systems and doors. They are perfectly convenient and easy to install. They also give the perfect opportunity to go with the 2020 landscape trend and pull in the natural outdoor elements closer to the indoors. 

Porcelain tiles by Belgard

4. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are glorious for patio flooring and a lovely trend for 2020 landscape. Why patio flooring specifically? It doesn’t absorb moisture when it freezes, allowing for expansion, so it lives a good outdoor lifetime of quality. Porcelain tile is versatile and it lasts. If you have a high foot traffic area, it’s the perfect solution. It’s dense and resistant to scruffs and scratches. And – it simply looks amazing inside and outside the home!

5. Unique Lighting

Sleek, minimalist, linear lighting will be all the rage in 2020. This lighting illuminates a path all while keeping the lighting hidden, softening the design elements all-around your home. LED light channels hiding under sidewalks and patio spaces make for a soothing feel. Essentially, the lighting enhances the curves and texture of design, boosting the look and creating safety and visibility for guests and family.
Lights placed under landscape structures, floating structures, will be appealing as well in 2020. This naturally creates the illusion of floating steps, benches or bridges. Light fixtures in 2020 will be all about looking architectural versus traditional – enhancing the geometric shape of any home illuminating what’s important and striking about the design. Warm LEDs and low voltage lighting will also be all the appeal. If you’re the whimsical kind, outdoor chandeliers and light fixtures will also be in style. Read more about lighting on Houzz.
So, which 2020 landscaping trends do you like best? Let our team transform your dreams into reality!




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