Grilling Resource Guide: Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Essentials?

Care to guess what the most requested Father’s Day gift is? That’s right, everything cooking related! Mom’s Design Build has you covered this Father’s Day with all everything you need to know about outdoor kitchen essentials.

Choosing the perfect products for your Outdoor Kitchen can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there, how do you know what to choose? Blaze grill shares they’re a lot of options out there to choose from, but they are not all equal. Well, don’t worry because we can help guide you? Before you can choose any products, you need to ask yourself a few important questions.

Design Spotlight: Elevated Elegance

This project completely changed how we spent the summer. We are out there all day long. We eat almost all meals outside: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We read out there. We will sit out late at night with the screens down and enjoy the 360-degree sounds of the night. What we’ve accomplished is an outdoor area that is every bit as outdoors as it ever was, but it is so much more comfortable. We find that family and friends just want to hang out in this space and my wife and I do as well. We live out there.

It’s Alive! – Planting a Living Privacy Fence

The fence is the simplest way to divide boundaries and to create privacy in your yard. The difficulty with fences, however, is that many municipalities only allow for the construction of fences that are 6 feet in height. This limits to the amount of privacy that can be achieved with just a fence. If you would like to have anything taller, there are a few simple ways in which privacy can be achieved. The best such way being, with plants!

What are Living Walls?

From a reclaimed pallet filled with herbs to a 15-story building covered in over 10,000 plants, living walls are becoming more and more popular—and for good reason. Whether indoors or out, they offer much more than just beauty. Living walls improve air quality and increase overall well-being, but can also absorb sound and help insulate your home.

Astilbe Bitten by Snakeroot

While the foliage of snakeroots can be stunning, many gardens do not have enough space for them to extend their sprawling flower stems. Now that rich burgundy-cocoa sheen is available in a tidy package, “Chocolate Shogun” Astilbe. Diminutive even by astilbe standards, its foliage reaches a mere 15″ above which it sends creamy pink plumes of bloom. Grows in all of the standard astilbe locations.

Magic Carpet

So often the clean lines of steppers are lost to overgrowth or remain too severe. Sagina subulata is the perfect infill for such situations but it does not transplant very well in our climate. However it is very easy to seed in place as these before and after pictures demonstrate. The above picture was taken eight weeks after the area was seeded.

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