Outdoor living has made a recent surge in popularity, prompting many people to ask themselves, “How could I get an outdoor living room in MY backyard?”.
Minnesota seasons are ever changing and there is a degree of preparation that is necessary to enjoy your time outside. When crafting your backyard into an outdoor living space it is important to think about the functions. What do you want in your backyard? A swimming pool? Modern contemporary look? BBQ grill? Pizza oven? Planting Beds? Fireplace? After deciding what you will put in your outdoor living space, then decide how you will install it. What is important? When do you use each space? How can we make the order of events in the space seem natural? After relaxing in the porcelain surrounded hot tub, where are you going to dry off? Do you enjoy an evening cigar while watching the sunset? What kind of outdoor furniture do you imagine within the space? Do you and your honey have a drink of wine on your favorite swing at dusk when the kids go to sleep? Great backyard design becomes great not because it is close to “perfect”, but because it is close to you.




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